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Marking Chalk

February 15th, 2011 Comments off

Inverted marking chalk is similar to marking paint, but in a chalk form. Used for marking utilities, job sites, electrical installations, communication lines, surveys and other ground markings, marking chalk is much more temporary than marking paint. It’s VOC compliant and comes in bright, APWA approved colors.

Marking chalk typically lasts about 14 days on common surfaces, but it can wash away sooner with rainfall. The temporary nature of inverted marking chalk makes it ideal for residential areas, roadways and job sites where markings are only wanted for a short period of time. You can remove marking chalk at any time with water and a wire brush.

While water-based marking chalk is recommended for soil and grass, solvent-based marking chalk is recommended for pavement, roadways and gravel. Like marking paint, solvent-based marking chalk will last longer than water-based. However, water-based marking chalk is much safer to use on grass and other natural surfaces.

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